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How does it work?

ABC EXPAT assists you in your future expatriation to Kenya in 4 steps.

1. Sign up and get a free cost of living analysis

Complete the form and receive your free cost of living in Kenya analysis so that you can better negotiate your expatriation package with your employer. It’s free, fast and non-binding.

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A dedicated members’ area

By registering, you can access free access resources in the members’ area. You will find helpful information to prepare your expatriation. This section is updated regularly so feel free to visit occasionally.


Your free cost of living analysis

To help you further in your preparatory steps, ABC EXPAT offers you a free estimate of your cost of living in Kenya. Once you have  completed the form, you will receive your estimate within 24 hours. It’s free, fast and non-binding.

2. Choose your level of support

You select the relocation services according to your needs so that we can prepare your relocation project to match your requirements.

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Customized consulting

With packages and à la carte options, ABC EXPAT can suit any of your requirements. To this purpose, you fill in a needs analysis that allows you to select the services you are interested in. You decide the level of support you want at any time.

Quality, reliability and efficiency

ABC EXPAT strongly values the quality and reliability of services offered to its customers. That is why we have selected our partners locally with the utmost care in order to provide you with the most advantageous solutions on the market.

3. Prepare your move without stress

You only get one chance for a first impression! ABC EXPAT can arrange your preview trip so that you can make the most of it. Once back home, we help you to prepare to the actual relocation by regularly informing you of the progress made.

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 Your preview trip  


It is not mandatory, however a preview trip helps a lot to prepare his arrival in having a first contact a few weeks before departure. ABC EXPAT can optimize your visit by arranging your agenda, facilitating logistical issues and organizing an area orientation tour.

Follow-up and planification

To ensure your peace of mind, our team sends you a weekly summary so you can follow the progress of administrative processes. Then you can focus on the farewell to your family and friends and forecast serenely your expatriation.

4. Relax and enjoy your move to Kenya

We welcome you at the airport and we assist you in the different steps of your installation to facilitate your integration in your new environment. You can enjoy our helpline anytime you need any advice or support.

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 Safety and security

Before departure you will receive a list of emergency numbers and basic safety rules. Then, you can also attend a serious security briefing upon arrival in the country. In case of problems, our teams can be reached anytime via a hotline.

Home Sweet Home

Once settled in your new environment, we help you to quickly feel at home. Our teams support you throughout your installation to facilitate your integration and make your experience of Kenya as positive as possible.

COMPANIES - Business services

Thanks to our flexibility, we can offer competitive and tailored solutions. A single contact oversees the installation of your employees so they can be rapidly effective at work.

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 A flexible offer, a competitive price  

Based in Nairobi, ABC EXPAT is a young and dynamic company. Our small size enables us to ensure the flexibility required in this business and a competitive price compared to the market standards.

A single interlocutor

ABC EXPAT offers companies an effective and functional solution for the mobility of their employees in Kenya. Aware that this support function is nevertheless crucial to the employees’ performance, ABC EXPAT offers to its corporate customers one dedicated contact to better address their needs and allow an effective follow-up.

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