ABC EXPAT Benefits

Why choose ABC EXPAT? Our competitive edge comes from our unique vision of international development. Our approach is transversal and operational: our expertise provides our clients with efficient on-the-ground solutions that contribute significantly to their performance in Africa.

With ABC EXPAT, our customers benefit from a free access to a digital dashboard, a strong network with our pan-African business community BizWiz Africa and attractive discounts with myABCEXPAT loyalty program

Beyond our results, it is our values ​​that guide us to make the difference for our customers. Since 2015, our values have forged our methodology centered on the success of our customers and our particular vision of international development.

Our values

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You can’t meet your customer expectations if you don’t start by listening to them. Listening is about connecting with our clients, it involves paying close attention to their needs and understanding how we can help them to achieve their goals.

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Every organization is different, which is why they need tailor-made support when they establish a new entity. We are truly customer-oriented and we will do our best to adapt to your specific needs so as to serve you better.

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Time is money, it’s particularly true for our clients when it comes to support services. On contrary to most of our competitors, we don’t charge by hourly rate. This way, we are interested in delivering your service as soon as possible.

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It was not the easy path but we are proud to have a strict corruption free policy. We want to lead our industry on the continent by our example so as to bridge the gap between foreign investors and local stakeholders.

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As a service company, ABC Expat is here to help you achieving your goals. To that purpose, we are constantly results-oriented. Our resources are meant to secure your investment and we deliver what we committed to.

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At the end of the day, business is all about trust. And we believe this is the most critical value if you want to succeed in Africa. We take pride in our outstanding returning rate which proves our customer satisfaction. Give it a try and make your own opinion

My dashboard for Africa

You need support for your projects in Africa but you want to know how it works before making your decision? Create your account on the digital platform in 3 clicks to get access to all of our services on the continent. It's 100% free.
ABC EXPAT offers you to create in 3 clicks your account on the platform to have access to all our services on the continent. It is 100% free.